First round of the IP-course has taken place in Helsinki, Finland 15.2.-26.2.2010. As was indicated in the course programme student’s pre-assessment was to work on cultural policy issues and national cultural profiles relating to their own country and the partner’s countries. Students were also given information on general cultural policy issues, theoretical background and terminology before the course started.

During the course it became clear that these kinds of pre-tasks were rewarding for the whole course and made a good and active start for the course. It also strengthened students’ active role and justified the IP’s pedagogical objectives (student-centred).

The external evaluation of the first round of the IP in Helsinki was done by Professor Birgit Mandel, University of Hildesheim /Germany. The recommendations concerning especially the development of cultural projects by the students themselves (e.g. by internet connections in preparing the intensive courses) and the inclusion of more visits of cultural institutions have been considered in the next courses.