Course Outlines

The pedagogical aims of project were:

to familiarize each others experiences and knowledge; to exchange knowledge and experiences between three partners; to discuss the cultural policy in four different societies with different social and political background.

The pedagogical objectives of project were:

inspire students to analyze and compare the situation in four countries; inspire students to think about their chance to work abroad in the future; on the basis of discussions, to elaborate a working model for further scientific testing and use.

All the students participated were second or third year students (on BA level) or first or second year MA-level who were able speak and write in English. The students were selected based on their language skills and motivation.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances course’s Polish partner was not able to participate to the IP’s first two rounds in Helsinki and in Blagoevgrad. But for the third and last round  of the IP in Ludwigsburg, Germany, students and teachers from Jagellonian university were present.