Culture as a Resource for Future Europe

The increased cultural exchanges within European Union have created a strong demand for international academic experts in the field of cultural management. Enlargement and integration of the European Union is changing also the field of cultural management. The globalization, changes in the demography, changes in the cultural policy, changes in the financing the culture are all creating needs for updating the education for cultural management. European culture is open to the international competition and multicultural environment is creating new challenges for those who are working in the cultural sector. Especially increases the skills to recognize the factors influencing the cultural policy and capability to analyze them.

The aim of the Intensive Programme (IP) Culture as a Creative Resource for Future Europe. Cultural Policy and its Dimension in Four European Countries: Finland, Germany, Bulgaria and Poland was to start the cooperation between the four institutes educating the future professionals in the field of cultural management. These four universities were:

  • Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg, Germany (coordinator of the project)
  • HUMAK University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Jagellonian University in Cracow, Poland
  • South-West University Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

The IP has been held in three countries, in three stages being:

  1. Helsinki, Finland 15.2.-26.2.2010
  2. Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 23.5.-3.6.2011
  3. Ludwigsburg, Germany 12.2.-25.2.2012

In order to develop the post graduate joint curricula of the four participating universities HUMAK (Finland) and Jagellonian University (Poland) included students from the BA-level Cultural management programme, Ludwigsburg (Germany) work ed with M.A-level students, and South-West University, Bulgaria, with BA-level students of Cultural Studies.

The intensive programme was funded by the ERASMUS, Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.